Property Committee

This group has been formed to ensure that all our physical assets associated with the church buildings are maintained and enhanced to meet the ongoing needs of the church. The committee is also responsible for planning for appropriate facilities to meet future parish needs.

Their work covers everything from mowing lawns to building additions, from furnaces to roofs, from electrical to plumbing and all sorts of chores in between. This very down to earth ministry requires of the committee members a hard work discipline to ensure that all the “to do list” work is taken care of in a timely fashion

Equally important is the New Building Renovation committee’s work to create a forward looking vision which will ensure that the growth of our ministries can be accommodated in the real world. Its focus is on the Hall and improvements that should be undertaken in the future.

Currently there are two church buildings – the Tottenham Church of the Evangelists and the rural St. John’s Church – as well as the rectory (housing for our Priest), a house located in Tottenham. There is also the hall that is attached to the Tottenham church. These four structures and their “systems” present an ongoing challenge to maintain and upgrade.

While much of the day-to-day work is done by committee members directly, there are many times when expertise is contracted. In the case of any major structural undertaking, the Diocese is also often involved.

Please contact Phil Apperly at 905 936 2855 or send an e-mail to Inquiries if you would like more information.