If You are a Newcomer

Welcome to our family!

In this web site you can find information about most aspects of our Church, from our mission through to current events. But if you haven’t been to our church before, you may feel a little intimidated the first Sunday regarding the simple routines we follow.

Our services, like all of our ministries, are meant to be a warm, friendly experience. Our members are comfortable in clothing ranging from jeans to suits, we hope our guests will be, too.

Our services (starting at 10am) do follow a “script” which is outlined in our weekly bulletin (which is handed to you on arrival) and include regular prayers as well as music, special prayers for current circumstances and a sermon. It is easy to follow along and anyone can guide you if you want help. Although the pews are hard wood, we want everyone to be comfortable when in church.

This also applies to those with young children. Please relax! God put the wiggle in children – don’t feel you have to suppress it in God’s house. To help your family feel at home, sit towards the front so the young ones can see and hear, use a gentle touch to give reassurance and appropriate attention, help your child follow along in the leaflet and encourage them to join in with prayers and hymns.

We have a Sunday School to which all children are welcome and they first join in with the service, have a story from the minister and then retire to a separate school room for the remainder of the service.

At most services we have communion – the sharing of the bread and wine. Baptized Christians of any age are welcome to join us at the rail during the sacrament.  Those who are unbaptized, or prefer not to receive the sacrament are invited to come forward and receive a blessing.

After the service, please join us in the hall for coffee, snacks and an opportunity to meet our folks and they you.