Our Mission

“To be living instruments of God’s love, Truth and Healing.”

Our Mission is embodied in the statement above – to be living instruments of God’s love, truth and healing. A simple goal to state but one that takes constant focus in our daily and parish lives if we are to be successful.

We are a community of people called as disciples of Jesus Christ.

We seek to be in vital and dynamic relationship with Jesus, through prayer and the reading of scripture and in loving community with one another.

We seek to “Come and See”, to witness and celebrate what God is doing in the world, confident that the Holy Spirit is active in our midst.

We seek to “Go and tell”, having witnessed the power of God, we invite others to see what we have seen, and meet the God we have come to know and love.

We seek to do what Jesus does; healing the sick, comforting the afflicted, feeding the hungry.  We take action in the world to bring about the Kingdom of God.