Who We Are

Rev Naomi Miller is our parish priest. Naomi and her family moved here from Peterborough to take on the leadership of this parish in the summer of 2011.

While work often takes her out of the office and into the community, Naomi is available by phone or in person at the church office (905 936 4089) on Monday to Thursday from 9am to 4pm. You are encouraged to call to set an appointment, but whenever you see the Welcome sign on the door,  you are indeed welcome to drop-in.

Our wardens work with our priest to manage the operations of the church. At our annual vestry meeting in February one warden is appointed by the priest, and one is elected by the people, to oversee the ministry and mission of the Parish.

Our current wardens are:

Rector’s Warden – Roslyn Dominey (905 936 2027)
People’s Warden – Sheila Jaynes (905 775 5634)

The other key positions in our Advisory Board who manage the church operations are:

Parish Music Teacher – Lorne Derraugh (905 936 4925)
Treasurer – Debbie Smith (905 880 4067)
Envelope Secretary – Larry Moore (905 729 2492)