St. John’s Cemetery

St. John’s Cemetery surrounds St. John’s Church on the 6th Line of New Tecumseth and was established in the early 1800’s.  The cemetery is licensed to act as a cemetery in accordance with the recent FBCSAAct of 2002 and is part of the Anglican Parish of the Church of the Evangelists.  The St. John’s Anglican Church Cemetery Board, reporting to the Executive of the Church of the Evangelists, manages the cemetery and Patricia Moore, our Coordinator, is the current government licenced operator.  You can contact the Coordinator for more information about St. John’s Cemetery.

The cemetery comprises about 4 acres of land and welcomes people of all denominations.  As well as in-ground burials, of both coffins and urns, there is also a columbarium in which to store cremated remains.  There are no scattering rights permitted in the cemetery.  At present there are still many plots that are available for purchase.  While the cemetery is open all year, burials are generally not performed during the winter months and are sometimes restricted during wet spring times when the ground is too soft.

The Cemetery has a tranquil setting with views across the rural countryside.  There is a memorial garden and a number of strategically placed benches allow for visitors to rest and reflect.  A tree-lined semi-circular driveway winds through the grounds while ample parking exists beside the wrought iron fence along the 6th Line road.

The Board have set out by-laws governing the operation of the cemetery the goals of which are to keep it a becoming and respectful place for the burial of the dead. Copies of the full by-laws and current price list are available upon request or can be downloaded as a Acrobat PDF from these links:

St. John Cemetery Bylaws and Cemetery Tariff Rates


2018 Memorial Service was held June 3rd at 3pm.


Briefly, the St. John’s Cemetery operations are summarized as follows:


Visitors are welcome during daylight hours from 8am till sundown.  Interments normally are accommodated from March through October.  Winter burials are subject to weather conditions and accessibility.


Although a road winds through the cemetery, it is recommended that vehicles use the angle parking provided along the 6th Line fence.  The road does easily accommodate funeral processions.  Handicap parking is available.


Children under twelve are permitted only when accompanied by an adult.  Pets are not permitted.


Burial plots are available for purchase consisting of single or multiple lots (each lot is nominally 3’ 3” by 11’ 0”).  A lot can accommodate one casket, four cremation urns or both.  Alternatively, a columbarium niche can be acquired for cremations.

Funeral services can be held in St. John’s Church.


Plot owners are responsible for any plantings, flowers, candles etc. that they wish to have on their plot – subject to certain restrictions set out in the by-laws.  Owners are also responsible for any monuments and markers placed at the grave – again subject to by-law restrictions.


The Cemetery Board manages the care and maintenance of the cemetery grounds and the memorial garden – visitors often remark on the loving care taken to preserve the cemetery’s natural beauty.  The board also ensures that all burials are performed and all tombstones/markers are installed according to the bylaws.