Cemetery Operations

Cemetery Operational Summary

The operation of the cemetery is detailed in the Bylaws but the following outlines the basic steps to follow in order to avail yourself of the Cemetery for the burial of a loved one.


  1. Decide on casket or cremation burial.
  2. Pick location in the cemetery (new section) or in the columbarium
  3. Pick the type of lot:
    1.  single grave = 39”x11’ ( 1 casket, 4 urns , tombstone).
    2.  single cremation = 2’x2’ (2 urns,  ground marker)
    3.  single niche = 12”x12” (2 small urns, engraving on face of niche)
  4. Pay for plot as in the Tariff of Rates and receive your deed.  Note, this document should be carefully stored as it is your proof of ownership.
  5. Acquire 4 corner markers required to delineate the plot.  These are normally ordered and installed by the cemetery (approx. $250/set of 4)


  1. The Cemetery is contacted by family or undertaker to set up time and date for burial.
  2. Plot is opened (machine dug for casket, hand dug for cremation) by the cemetery on the burial day.  Cost is noted in Tariff of Rates below.
  3. Plot is attended by the cemetery staff until completely closed at end of funeral.
  4. Flowers are removed when wilted.
  5. Burial or cremation certificate and payment in full is required prior to burial.


  1. The cemetery grounds are maintained by the cemetery – grass cutting and trimming, tree pruning, driveway maintenance etc.
  2. The cemetery also maintains headstones, markers, walkways and cemetery furniture, etc.
  3. Plot owners are responsible for any gardens or flowers they have on their individual plots.