Current St. John’s Cemetery Activities

St. John’s Cemetery Current Work

Our cemetery is continually in a state of flux – changing with the seasons, being upgraded in many ways and being maintained.  So many of our visitors comment on the beauty of our cemetery and there is no doubt that these thoughts are inspired by the results of many people’s hard work.  Tending gardens, cutting lawns, grading the gravel drive, caring for headstones, etc. are all tasks that require constant attention if we are to ensure that our cemetery retains its appeal.  Although our grounds crew (Varcoe Landscaping) do much of the lawn care, Larry and Trisha do the garden maintenance and general grounds care, while grave owners and members of the community donate their time and money to care for the cemetery.

Some of our current initiatives are noted below.

2018 Memorial Service will be held June 3rd

Thank you to Roslyn Dominey, and members of the Church of the Evangelists choir for leading us in music, and to all who came to participate in this annual service.

Grave Stone Cleaning

As grave stones age, the weather makes it continually more difficult to read the inscriptions.  We recently tried a new cleaning technique offered by Allan Blakely to restore some of our older stones.

The process is environmentally friendly, inexpensive and does not damage the stones as it removes molds and other surface build up.  The before and after pictures in the left column gives you an idea of the results.

If you would like information on how this can be applied to your monuments at our cemetery, please contact our Coordinator.

Our Gardens

The gardens in the cemetery and round the Church also lend themselves to the beauty of the cemetery.  Each spring there is usually a lot of work to do and this year was no different.  We also had our maintenance crew update all the tree mulch and the memorial gardens to keep weeds to a minimum.  The spring ice storm brought down a lot of branches but no major damage was done and that debris has now all been removed.