St. John’s Church

St. John’s Church has been designated as a Chapel of Ease which is owned and operated by the Parish of the Church of the Evangelists.  As such, it does not have regular weekly services as the church in Tottenham does, but is used by the Parish throughout the year for various events.  St. Johns is an old church but has aged well and, situated on a hill, has become a landmark in the township.  Mail for St. John’s church or cemetery should be addressed to the Parish Office at the Church of the Evangelists.
Over the past couple of years, St. Johns has hosted a number of musical events from bluegrass to baroque which draw visitors from the surrounding area.  The high vaulted ceiling, wooden pews and altar make for acoustics that are great for anything musical.  Coupled with the sounds from the old organ and the beauty of both the country setting and the church itself, make St. John’s a lovely venue for both services and events that incorporate music.

Services are held weekly in the summer, excluding our Priest’s Vacation,  and the Cemetery holds their annual memorial service at St. Johns in the spring.  The church is also available for both weddings and funerals with the rural setting, its peace and tranquillity, making a perfect backdrop for celebrating life events.

To ensure that the church continues to remain a viable building for our activities, we are constantly striving to maintain the structure.  Recently, we have replaced the gardens with lower-maintenance plantings, and repainted the Front, side, and rear doors.

Recently, we added more lighting, an amplified sound system and repaired the furnace.  We have also upgraded all the candelabra bulbs with the low wattage long life LED style.  But it always seems like there is more to do.

2018 St. John’s Memorial service June 3rd at 3pm.

2018 Summer Services: Saturdays at 5pm.  June 16 through July 28th


If you would like more information about St. John’s Church, its use for life events or plans for community happenings, please contact Larry Moore at 905 729 2492 or email me .